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Just in time for the holidays....

Jack Frost has been nipping at our noses!  After a week of frozen fingertips and an  unhealthy dose of colds in this town, the lighting is finished and the bathrooms are just days away from completion. I want to send a huge thank you to Barry, Kirk, and Lee for their awesome help this week while installing our brand new lights into the Pavilion.  This has changed the Pavilion drastically, creating the most unique ambiance on the beach.  The lighting installation is one-of-a-kind.  No other place on this beach has a lighting installation like ours!  So not only are we the largest venue, but now we're the largest venue with the most amazing lighting installation! Again, thank you to all those who helped make this possible.  And an even bigger thank you to Jim and Tammy for believing in me! The electrician should complete his part in this production soon- and we will be good to go! 

Tres has been working his hardest to complete the restrooms in time for the expo, and I have full faith in him to be able to do so!  He is quite the handyman I tell you! 

I have been so lucky to get to play with our new linens and chaircovers! The taffeta, organza, and pintuck make phenomenal bows for chair sashes, the tafetta being the most petite, sweet little things!  Here are a few photos for your viewing pleasure... (photography office kudos Barry)

Pretty organza!

Purple Pintuck

Our assortment of swatches!


Now I am working on our booth design for the Expo, creating a new and improved brochure, and working on getting a gun and knife show here for this summer. 


I can't wait to get back up in those rafters to replace our clear bulbs with pink ones for the 2011 Alice Kelly Tournament!  It's going to look so pretty and festive!  LADIES:  Remember, this year, we are having a costume contest. You better start thinking up ideas now!




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